GCAT-A is an “adaptive” general mental ability test that measures abstract reasoning ability in only 10 minutes.


GCAT is an “adaptive” general mental ability test that measures abstract and numerical reasoning ability.


Perspectives is a broad-range occupational personality inventory that is based on modern neuroscientific and psychometric models of personality.


Acumen is an managerial level ability test that measures verbal and numerical analytical ability.


Drivers is an inventory designed to measure sources of motivation resources and values.


Derailers is a measure of a person’s least flattering personality characteristics which emerge when they are under pressure, commonly referred to as ‘the dark side.’


Competency Modelling

Creates or revise your organization’s competency framework with leading expert consultants by using various techniques such as workshops and meetings.

Case Study

Handle the role’s needs with you and create competency-based cases.


Assess your candidates and employees in an objective way with the most accurate measurement techniques or create a construct of your assessment and development center thanks to our consultants’ mentorship

360 Degrees Evaluation

With 360° Online, you can assess your employees based on your own custom competencies or Psylabs’s well established competency framework and organise feedback session for your emplooyes’ developmental needs with our acknowledged consultants.

Psylabs Integral

Psylabs Integral carries out the recruitment process end-to-end online and in a reliable way instead of you and also offers perfect candidate experience.

Assessor Training

The aim of the Psylabs Assessor Training is to enable participants to acquire the required skills and knowledge to carry out the whole assessment process.

Competency Based Interview Training

Psylabs Competency Based Interview Training aims to gain required basic ability to conduct target-oriented and effective competency based interview.