Who We Are?

Psylabs provides psychometric testing and technological support to the world’s leading companies on five continents with more than 20 languages. Our products have been actively using over thirty countries around the globe in multiple languages.

Psylabs’ core psychometric assessments are based on best-of-breed, modern scientific models of behaviour that are deeply rooted in over 100 years of research that includes the latest neuroscientific relationships between brain and behaviour. Using up-to-the-minute technology, Psylabs deliver assessments in a way that showcases your organisation’s brand and values, customised to your specific assessment scenario.

Psylabs’ assessments are developed by the world’s leading psychometrician and academics. Our assessments have excellent global standards, and they have accredited by the British Psychological Association. Under the leadership of Nigel Guenole, one of the most important psychometrics experts in the world and the executive consultant of IBM Watson Talent Management Artificial Intelligence Project, Psylabs assessments are developed based on the world’s latest artificial intelligence developments, data analytics techniques and software technologies.

Since 2009, Psylabs tests have been used by the largest and trustful companies of the Turkish market with confidence. While using Psylabs test, you are not only using the tools which have the highest scientific and technological standards, but also you will be a part of a strong referral network that includes the largest companies in Turkey. You will be a part of a trusted system that is an anchor for the most successful HR professionals in Turkey.

In addition to its robust, scientific infrastructure and network, Psylabs assessments use the highest global information technology infrastructure. Its infrastructure has a certificate of compliance with ISO / IEC 27011: 2016 standards, and it is designed to allow ten million unique participants to enter the system without having any problems. Addedly, with the support of the FaceCheck Candidate Identification System (uses artificial intelligence-based human recognition algorithms) that is integrated into our systems, companies can control whether their candidates are cheating during remote test assessments or not.

Why Psylabs?


Reliable and valid tools designed by psychometry experts


Tailor-made solutions for the organization’s specific needs


A holistic approach that creates value by understanding codes of talents’ DNA.


Solutions and consultancy services to reach the best business results


Secure and industry-leading infrastructure

Our Clients

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