You built an effective recruitment process to recruit the best talent and have reached your goal. Now it is time to retain these talents in the organization and to identify effective leaders among then.

As Psylabs we designed our assessment tools by taking into consideration all the possible factors you might need in human resources process.

Psylabs assessment tools aim to create the perfect candidate experience. Therefore all of our tools have up to date cutting-edge technological features. We offer tailored solutions by using Psylabs tools for measurement and evaluation processes that organizations may need in talent management and development programs.

General and Managerial Reasoning: General mental ability determines how quickly somebody can learn, how readily they can adapt, how easily they can understand, and how adeptly they can solve novel problems. For organisations, it is well established that cognitive ability predicts occupational success, performance and is an important ingredient of future potential. Therefore, it is important selecting reliable and valid tests to create fair selection processes.

Personality: Personality describes long-term and relatively stable patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. The personalities of your people influence the organizational outcomes dramatically. Besides, at the individual level, personality affects the performance of the employee in the existing position and the perfect fit with organization. It also influences levels of job satisfaction, employee engagement, and the quality, quantity, and timeliness of the work produced in the organization.

Competency: Every role in your organization require a specific set of knowledge and skills. What we call competency is the conceptual framework to identify the skill and knowledge requirements of the roles. In other words, competencies define how employees should behave to show great performance. Competency based assessments provide information about a person’s skills and knowledge needed to perform in their role. In other words, competency based assessments measure the readiness level of the person’s spesific role.

Language Skills: English has now become a global language for business all over the world. In todays fast changing world assessing English language level of your candidates and employees gains an importance for your organizational success.

360° Assessment

With 360° Online, you can assess your employees based on your own custom competencies or Psylabs’s well established competency framework. The online system enables you to discover participants’ own perception and the perception of the people they work with. Once all the appraisals have been completed, you can see own perception of assessed person and the perception of raters in a comprehensive way. At the end of evaluation, you can organise feedback session according to your emplooyes’ developmental needs with our acknowledged consultants.






Direct Report





Identify High Potentials

Psylabs experts bring you a quick and simple way to find high potential employees throughout your workforce; from graduates to senior managers and leaders. With assessments built from a robust model of potential, our straightforward process delivers powerful insight and a common language for your talent mapping discussions.

Offering complete support for the entire talent lifecycle, we’ll help you identify those most essential to your organisation’s future success and accelerate their development.

Assessment Center

The ability to put the right person in the right role has a direct impact on the organization’s business results. For being able to do this, competecies should be assessed and that makes the assessments and development center exercises critical. Also, assessing the employees in an objective way by using the most accurate measurement techniques determine the success of the assesment.


Psylabs Integral

Mass Recruitment processes have always been challenging and complex issue for organizations. Psylabs Integral does not only carries out end-to-end recruitment solution in a digital and a reliable way but also provide a perfect candidate experience.

Our consultants take over your candidate pool.

The best fit candidates for the organization and position are determined by Psylabs assessment tools.

We aim that both organization and candidates have the perfect experience during the process. Consequently, all recruitment process is carried out online.

We know that the recruitment process is tough also for candidate. So, we keep continuous communication with them.

We present the most fitting talents to you.