Competency model is a framework for identifying the skill and knowledge requirements of the roles. Employees need to know how to act for great performance. That’s the reason behind the need of competency model of organizations. While creating a competency framework, the sector in which the organization operating, organization’s culture and specific behaviors that predict performance should be considered. Psylabs creates or revise your organization’s competency framework with leading expert consultants by using various techniques such as workshops and meetings.

It’s very critical to measure how people will behave in situations that they in recruitment or promotion processes. Using case-based exercises are one of the best solutions. Psylabs consultants handle the role’s needs with you and create competency-based cases. In this way, our consultants help you to measure people’s competencies in the most accurate way.

Assessing the right person for the right role has a direct impact on the organization’s business results. This situation makes the assessments and development center exercises essential. Psylabs consultants assess your candidates and employees in an objective way with the most accurate measurement techniques to make a critical decision. We are able to re-form assessment practices that are conducted by more than one specialized assessor according to your organization and role. At the end of the exercise, we support your decision process with our special report formats that provides comprehensive behavioral information about your participants.

With 360° Online, you can assess your employees based on your own custom competencies or Psylabs’s well established competency framework. The online system enables you to discover participants’ own perception and the perception of the people they work with. Once all the appraisals have been completed, you can see own perception of assessed person and the perception of raters in a comprehensive way. At the end of evaluation, you can organise feedback session according to your emplooyes’ developmental needs with our acknowledged consultants.

Psylabs Competency Based Interview Training aims to gain required basic ability to conduct target-oriented and effective competency based interview.

At the end of the training, participants;

-Have full knowledge of principles of competency based interview approach,
-Can develop competency base questioning techniques.
-Can evaluate and interpret candidate’s reactions / behaviours,
-Can make clear distinction between candidate’s interview performance,
-Can score candidate’s competencies in a standard and objective way,
-Can create a report according to interview notes.

Who can participate in this training?

Human resources proffesionals, people who wants to improve themselves in this area and executives who take place in competency-based interview process.

The aim of the Psylabs Assessor Training is to enable participants to acquire the required skills and knowledge to carry out an assessment end-to-end. If requested, senior Psylabs consultants can supervise the internal assessors during assessment center and share their feedbacks for the best practice assessment center process.

At the end of the training, participants;

-Have full knowledge about principles of assessment process,
-Can conduct an assessment end-to-end,
-Can learn more about competencies and how to observe and measure them,
-Learn the basic principles of competency based interview and learn how to conduct CBI by experience,
-Can generate assessment report.

Who can participate in this training?

Human resources proffesionals, people who wants to improve themselves in this area and executives who take place in assessment process.


Psylabs Integral

Mass Recruitment processes have always been challenging and complex issue for organizations. Psylabs Integral does not only carries out end-to-end recruitment solution in a digital and a reliable way but also provide a perfect candidate experience.

Our consultants take over your candidate pool.

The best fit candidates for the organization and position are determined by Psylabs assessment tools.

We aim that both organization and candidates have the perfect experience during the process. Consequently, all recruitment process is carried out online.

We know that the recruitment process is tough also for candidate. So, we keep continuous communication with them.

We present the most fitting talents to you.