How Do You Choose Young Talents?

Bringing young talents towards your organization is critical to your organizational culture and business outcomes. For this reason, we have compiled the clues that you think might be useful in the process of young talent selection under six items.

Have fun reading it!

1- Enlarge your pool for better candidates.
We know that the larger your reference pool is, the more qualified your candidate will be. Support your advertisement with visuals, videos, and blogs describing your employer brand. Reach as many young talents as possible from social media and one to one channels.

2. Focus on candidates’ ability, not their college.
While making the first screening in your candidate pool, focus on the ability rather than the candidate’s college. For this, choose online, quick and objective general ability tests. Empower your employer brand by giving equal opportunity to all candidates as well as never miss a single talent in your pool!

3. Make the personality measurement part of the process.
Keep in mind that you’re not only looking for the best candidate, but also for the most appropriate candidates for your company. Measure the personality traits of your candidates by using the personality inventories that have a scientific basis.

4. Benefit from data and technology.
When we look at the latest trends in the world, we see that by combining the test and application results with algorithms, the numerical results are produced to facilitate the work of HR teams. For test and inventory selection, choose firms that can digitize data using algorithms and have national and global experience. This will both reduce your workload and increase the quality of the process.

5-Design one-to-one stages considering the candidate experience.
Especially for young talents, it can be very challenging to come to an interview or case study more than once. Make day plans that will be more comfortable for the candidate, especially at these stages. For example, plan the case study and the interview on the same day, or include online interviews in your process.

6-Take advantage of HR Metrics.
Keep track of the success of all the tools in the process, along with the selection and performance information of the young talent, even if you’re sure you’ve chosen the best candidates. Ask for the support of the consulting firm that you are working with.

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