Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization in HR

Artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and machine learning concepts of human resources perspective. Ways to go challenges to be overcome…

We enjoy discharging the concepts. This is now a standardized flow. Use the concept in question everywhere, don’t make the definition of the concrete, don’t pour the execution… Each concept exposed to these stages is first polluted and then completely discharged.

I think we have a similar situation in artificial intelligence. So different and irrelevant places have an emphasis on artificial intelligence that there is not to be confused. Moreover, almost no one is starting to ask the simple question: Well, what is “artificial intelligence”?

Which applications can be considered artificial intelligence, which cannot be?

What is the hallmark of the ‘thing’ called artificial intelligence?

There are those of you who perhaps heard, Turkey has a very bright scholar, who devoted his life to topics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, Professor Cem Say is a lecturer at the Computer Engineering Department of Bogazici University. He is a very nice chat one too. Let’s hear it from him first. Please click here.

In summary; “Everything complicated which is done by people before, when it is done by machines, is artificial intelligence, or rather a product of artificial intelligence “.

From this point of view, from the perspective of human resources to the subject:Reducing the pool of tens of thousands of candidates to shortlists without any contact,
Communicating with the candidates in a personalized way at each stage,
Determining the suitability of the candidates automatically with the lowest margin of error by means of integrated, company-specific evaluation tools
Evaluating the effectiveness of the tools used in itself, testing the success of predicting business performance,
Talking with the performance results of the company, learning the best performance through machine learning and transforming itself and the tools used,
Continuously testing the quality of the selection of interviewers and other evaluators,
Talking with all other HR systems, associating and talking metrics in itself
In short; it is an example of artificial intelligence that human resources processes, which are carried out by people before, in a very difficult manner, and which are therefore very clear to the error, are made by machines without human touch. Is there an example of this?

An Example

In Turkey, there is a case of artificial intelligence that is already in operation in the execution of collective recruitment projects especially in sales staff and young talent programs. Please click to see the details.

Although it is an expression that has been tried to be simplified as much as possible, it may still seem a bit confused. We can explain with great pleasure to those who are curious.
Need to Overcome Barriers of the HR world in Turkey

There are manpower, technological infrastructure and knowledge in Turkey to make successful artificial intelligence constructs. There are already teams that are part of successful international networks with all of these qualities. But that’s not the primary challenge. In the field of human resources, we have a much more fundamental problem to implement such high-tech applications. The source of this problem is in our mental codes.

Our biggest barrier we must overcome while working in the HR field in Turkey is to talk about the ‘new’ and sometimes called ‘revolutionary’ applications and convince the practitioners about their usefulness.

So, who could say that artificial intelligence and algorithms-based processes are not ‘revolutionary’? However, the vast majority of Turkey’s decrepit HR market continues to prefer to remain in the comfort zone of the tightly wrapped antiquated practices. Our natural approach to events is to make sense of everything in a purely verbal way and to hold on to old and traditional methods in a masked way with the question of “where has it been applied so far?” This, of course, causes the digitalization, which is flying in all other areas, to remain only as a luminous statement that adorns the HR magazines for human resource applications.

Look and search, the concept of digitalization in human resources is everywhere as words. But the importance of this concept is more than the frequency of its use. As a friend of mine who has specialized in entrepreneurship and new initiatives once told: ”HR is the farthest part of the digitalization in the business world and there are many ways to go“. We will continue on this path.